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Beauty Tool Love: Le Edge

Anyone who has visited a spa and has had any type of exfoliating, wrap or cellulite-reducing treatment has had their spa technician extol the benefits of ridding the skin on your body of dead skin cells. Makes sense, right? We do it on for our faces, why not the oft-neglected skin on our bodies. During these treatments, they are usually hawking some form of a skin brush or loofah to dry brush your skin. Problem is, they often lose their stiffness quickly (minimizing their ability to effectively exfoliate). For pseudo-germaphobes like me, I question whether a dry brush ever gets completely clean with all of its tiny bristles – a great hiding spot for errant skin cells and bacteria.

No there’s an alternative. Le Edge is a personal exfoliating tool made of surgical-grade stainless steel.  To use Le Edge simply take it into the shower with you and glide it along (at a 45 degree angle) the area of your body that you wish to exfoliate. It can be used on any part of your face or body. My favorite way to use it is as part of pedicure treatment. It does a great job at eliminating any dry, scaly skin from the bottom of my feet. Simply clean it with hot water and let it dry before storing it.

Effective, easy to clean and hygenic? Le Edge est magnifique!

Retail price: $34.95

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Disclaimer: We received a product sample for editorial consideration. These are our true thoughts and opinions. Ageist Beauty was not paid for this review. 



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    • Jan
    • about Mac, studio fix fluid dfnuoation broke me out so bad I had to go back to my dermatologist.My tip for clear skin to you is to use a muslin cloth when you wash your face to remove your cleanser because it gently exfoliates your skins dead cells off which can stop the dead skin cells causing acne. Take Care xx

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